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A remarkable new work of theatre and song that explores our age-old need to reach out beyond ourselves, even in the most remote place imaginable. Following four human lives across the lifespan of a whale; the stories of Orisin, Kwire, Unkle and Koastguard intertwine in subtle and abrupt ways, sending echoes long into the future.

By turns epic and intimate, featuring original songs and music, a superb cast that features Noelle Brown, Julie Maguire, John McCarthy and Dominic Moore on the Cork Opera House stage; in collaboration with a brilliant creative
team including composer Fiona Sheil, lighting and set designer Eoin Winning, costume designer Valentina Gambardella and assistant director Katrina Foley.

Produced by Naomi Daly
Production Manager Donal McNinch
Stage Manager Chris Hopcraft
Graphic Design Megan Clancy

Supported by The Arts Council, Cork Opera House, University College Cork, and Cork Midsummer Festival