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HUMANS: a Robot musical: Welcome

HUMANS: a Robot musical

The seventh best musical robot group in the world is making a new musical, to be performed to all robots everywhere and it’s going to completely explain what humans are – in song. Everything will be fine,
they just need some clear answers. That rhyme. Meanwhile 10-year old Jennifer Dempsey – MASSIVE robot fan – is on a mission of her own, one that might just change the course of robot- human relations forever!

This big-hearted – and funny! –story about loss, friendship and hope features three humanoid robots, one quite robotic human and beautiful original songs throughout.

HUMANS: a Robot musical: Project
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Written by John McCarthy

Song Lyrics/Book by John McCarthy

Song Composition by John McCarthy and Katie Holly

Cast includes Jennifer Barry, Bob Kelly, Úna Ní Bhriain, Madi O’Carroll

Directed by Niall Cleary

Set & Lighting Designer Sarah Jane Shiels

Sound Design & Musical Director Carl Kennedy

Assistant Musical Director Emily Donoghue

Costume Designer Jenny Whyte

Stage Technician Seamus Hegarty

Stage Manager Michael Ryan

Production Manager Ian Brown

Producers The Everyman & Graffiti

Made possible by funding from the RTÉ Toy Show fund managed by the Community Foundation of Ireland, the Arts Council and Cork City Council Arts Office

HUMANS: a Robot musical: About
HUMANS: a Robot musical: Video
Jennifer Barry as Probeshot, Una Ni Bhrian as Jennifer
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Madi, Una, Bob & Jennifer
Jennifer Barry, Una Ni Bhriain and Madi Carrol
Jennifer Barry and Una Ni Bhriain
Bob Kelly as Rowboat
HUMANS: a Robot musical: Image
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